There aren’t many updates to provide. My life has been filled with writing essays for Secondary applications for medical school. I feel like I have been spending more time doing those than my actual homework–and now have to move on to actual homework–I have two papers due soon! The good news is that I only have a couple of secondary applications left, and then two PhD applications. I haven’t had much time to relax, but when I do, I always make sure to do something fun with my partner that has nothing to do with teaching, school, or research!

Hiding in the corn maze


My favorite "down time" activity so far--putting up the Christmas tree. Yes, it's up already--we do it on Veteran's day every year!

In more exciting news, I finally got the chance to go out to dinner with my teaching supervisor/mentor and my fiancée. It was absolutely wonderful to sit down and spend over two hours chatting with two of my favorite people. My mentor is über important to me, so it was also great to involve my partner in the mix! My mentor is always fabulous about transition stuff, so it was great for both me and my partner to be able to talk openly about our transitions, especially since my partner’s surgery is in one week! My mother-in-law will arrive this Friday, and the surgery will take place next Monday. I have a big paper due that day, so I have been working hard to make sure everything is complete ahead of time. I will be doing plenty of worrying while he is in surgery–I don’t want anything else on my mind.

We took this past weekend to relax, and drove up to Flagstaff, AZ, where it was both beautiful and very cold! My partner is a huge fan of cold weather (not even kidding, he had the air conditioning on when it was 35 degrees outside this weekend). I’ve been a little homesick and missing a good old-fashioned New England winter, and Flagstaff provided a small snapshot of what I’ve been missing since I moved to Arizona almost two years ago. 

As a side note, almost every vacation or roadtrip my partner and I take is somehow sabotaged by the strangest of mishaps. We were so happy that this weekend went rather smoothly. Our biggest issue was on Friday, when it took us almost 5 hours to get to Flagstaff (it is 2 hours away).  A huge contributor to the lengthened drive was traffic, which was caused by a HUGE pileup of Dole Iceburg lettuce on the highway… I told you we stumble upon some odd events! After that, the weekend went flawlessly. We went to a Holiday Craft Fair at Northern Arizona University, then checked out some sales, and went for a small hike at Sunset Crater National Park. Most of all, we spent a lot of time relaxing and enjoying each other’s company before my partner’s top surgery!

View in Flagstaff

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