First Birthday as Alex

Tomorrow is my 23rd birthday, and I’m not sure why, but something feels so different about it. It is definitely a good feeling, but very different at the same time. I’ve always abhored birthdays–the singing, the attention, the presents. Maybe part of that was because I just didn’t feel comfortable in myself, nor did I see any reason to celebrate a life that just felt so unbearable and fake. My birthdays were measured by what I did or what gifts I recieved (or, well, how much I drank), since I was so uncomfortable with any other aspect of birthdays.

This year, however, I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow, and not for any superficial reasons. I’m looking forward to having an awesome day doing all of the things I love–teaching, helping others, and the best part… spending time with my partner. Our plans are to go out to dinner and lay low. I have a feeling, given my hectic life and the journey my partner and I have embarked on together, just relaxing and sharing my day together will be the perfect gift.

So here’s to enjoying birthdays, and more specifically, enjoying my first birthday as “Alex.” It feels like the start of something extraordinary.

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6 thoughts on “First Birthday as Alex

  1. SOSOSOSO happy for you! Have an amazing birthday- you deserve it!

  2. Happy Birthday! I remember the day you were born and said you were going to be someone special. Uncle Lew and Aunt Nila Love you very much. Enjoy your special day!

  3. I am happy for you too. I read these things, the happiness, the joy, and the struggle seems far less important, the Joy is so much more.

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