The past two weeks have been a spiral of name changes. First it was my driver’s license, then my student ID, bank accounts, credit cards, and finally… ASU! This was one of the most exciting changes. Even though my students know me as “Alex,” when I post announcements on BlackBoard, it always shows up as Allison, and it was a little awkward for me. A few of my professors even e-mailed me and said congrats on the name change when they noticed it was different in the system. Yay!

There haven’t been many other transition-related updates. I’m sprouting a few new facial hairs each week, and according to my mother-in-law, my voice is getting deeper and deeper! I had a meeting with the local police this week for my practicum and was all dressed up in slacks, a dress-shirt, and a tie. I didn’t feel out-of-place or odd at all. I felt like the usual guy next-door.

The only other exciting update that I have is that….drumroll please….I have received multiple secondary applications from medical schools. On September 28th, I received secondaries from: UCLA, Harvard, UColorado, UA Phoenix, UA Tucson, USC, UPenn, UWashington, and Michigan State. I already had one from Boston University. The only school that I was rejected from so far was UNC. I’m still waiting to hear back from UC-San Fran and UC-San Diego. I’m getting nervous about the next round of cuts–getting “call backs” for interviews! The only bad parts about getting secondary applications from so many schools is that 1.) They’re all between $80-90 a piece to submit, and 2.) Many are due within 30 days. Aah!

I have been pondering a big question though–do I come out as trans on my applications? Many have essays about diversity, so I most likely will in those. For other essays, though, do I talk about it? I have to list both my new and old name on my application, and some of my recommendation letters use feminine pronouns, but I now use masculine pronouns. So, whether I want to be out or not, schools are kinda going to know anyway. So, if the cat is out of the bag, I might as well use it to my advantage, right? Feel free to comment with your thoughts/opinions!

That is it for now, folks. Off to start yet another busy week. Mondays are very busy for me. I’m up by 430AM, at work by 6AM, and home at 6PM… Just to get up and do it all over again on Tuesdays. Oy gevault! But I love my job, so I’m lucky and can’t complain.

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