Day two. I woke up hoping the blisters covering the ball of my right foot had magically disappeared. They hadn’t. However, thinking back to yesterday and how I feel about why I’m walking, I broke out the mole skin and bandages and laced up my shoes.

The struggles of my whole community are much greater than my foot pain.

Our first part of today was our walk to the United Unitarian Church, where we went to the morning church service. It was a tad bit on the boring side, but the people were incredibly welcoming. People agreed with us and spoke of human dignity and respect. My favorite part of the service (and what totally made up for the boring side of it) was when the guest speaker was talking about The Grapes of Wrath. As most people know, the Grapes of Wrath is my favorite book. I read it at least once a year (and usually twice a year). She touched on my favorite parts of the book and reminded me of Junior Year H.S. English, when Steinbeck’s work between the covers of that book changed my life. The book forces you to look beyond yourself and consider the bigger picture in the world. Such a touching book, and I was thrilled when the speaker brought it up.

After that, we carried on to lunch with the Prescott Pride group. By the time we got there, we were more than ready for food! The hills were tremendous, and they only got bigger and bigger as the night went on. The conversations that I had at lunch were truly touching, especially one mans..

I sat down and told him my story. Afterwords, he told me his. He told me how he has been legally dead for the past 19 years. His family was so homophobic that his life was at risk. So he ran away. Police, private investigators–everyone was sent out to find him. And there were no leads. So, after five years, his family declared him dead. And 19 years after that, he finally went back and told his family. And has now spent the past two years in courts trying to remove the previous death certificate.

Those are the stories that truly get you.

After that, (yes, starting at 130pm), we carried on with the rest of our journey–11 more miles. We were so exhausted, and everyone was now covered in blisters. And this was the hard part, not just because it was long, but because Prescott killed us with hills. But we carried on once again.

After 6.5 more miles, we had to stop again to go to a drum circle lesson, which was SO cool!! We all sat around and learned how to play the drums and even knocked out some West African and Caribbean songs!

Overall, everyone in Prescott was incredibly welcoming. Off to Jerome and Sedona tomorrow!


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