The Training Has Begun!

The training for the Right To Marry AZ Walk has begun! I started today off on an exciting foot with neon pink socks. And my New Balance Zips, my signature shoe, of course.

I got out the door a little late. I meant to leave around 7AM, but didn’t leave until about 730AM. It was already hot, I was sweating before I even left my apartment complex. It is definitely worth it, though. Like I said in my fundraising letter, this walk means a lot more to me than just a wedding–some fancy ceremony with tuxedos, dresses, and expensive decor. It’s not about any of that. It’s about the hard work, sweat, and tears that goes into my relationship, just like any one elses. It’s about the genuine love, compassion, and respect that my partner Tracy and I have for each other. It’s about getting validation for our relationship, about realizing that its the same as any other relationship–a journey involving far more understanding, growth, and love than any other experience I will have in my life. I am honored to share my journey with such an amazing individual, and it gives a very special meaning to every step I will take in the 98 mile walk.

I started my walk of today with my usual 6 mile loop, stopping at ASU, of course, to pick up my Bioscientific Latin/Greek course, which also begins today!

I’m always up for suggestions for my walk playlist. I’m sure the songs I have on it now will get old as the daily walks go by. Any ideas? Comment!

Well, folks, todays a very busy day for me. I also have an interview tonight for an Intern position with Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, as well as numerous meetings and events to prep for this week.

Stay tuned for updates about more training walks, as well as pictures! Any suggestions for good/scenic walks around the Tempe area?

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